Roller Skiing Track & Summer Biathlon

Now you can enjoy Nordic sports all year round!

Thanks to its state-of-the-art biathlon facilities and new roller skiing track, the Nordic Competence Centre in Seefeld’s Casino Arena offers Nordic sport devotees the chance to indulge in their passion not only in winter, but in summer too!

The outer loop of the track is 3.6 km long and the routes can be modified in length and elevation to suit individual needs. Its width is 3 metres on average. Laid out over the Casino Arena and extending into the Möserertal and Kirchwald areas, the track is designed in such a way that training sessions can be tailored to meet athletes’ individual requirements as regards level of difficulty.

Owing to the fact that the track leads through the Casino Arena and directly on to the biathlon shooting ranges, summer biathlons can now be organised for both holiday visitors and professional athletes alike. A variety of “summer skating” roller ski courses are available, and these can also be booked in combination with a biathlon workshop.

Up-to-date news, all the facts & figures, prices and & track profiles can be found here.

                             ROLLERSKI TRACK & SUMMERBIATHLON