Scharnitz - the gate to the Karwendel

Experience nature with all senses...

The gateway to the Naturpark Karwendel Nature Reserve opens in Scharnitz, the village on the Bavarian-Tyrolean border, well-known far as wide as a “base camp” for mountaineers, kayakers and rock climbers. Here there are countless opportunities to explore nature and discover yourself.

Barren Alpine pastures alternate with primeval valleys and craggy peaks. Sheer, vertical rock faces rise up out of, and in sharp contrast to gently undulating meadows blooming with Alpine flowers. And whether active and on the move, or just enjoying a tranquil moment all alone, you find yourself in the midst of this awe-inspiring grandeur. The River Isar has its source here, as do 5 stages of the “Eagle Walk”, a long-distance hiking trail which crosses some of the Tyrol’s most scenic areas. An experience to revitalise all your senses!

The power of water is ever present here too – after all the source of the Isar River is in the Scharnitz Karwendel and this attracts numerous visitors from near and far who want to draw and store up energy.

For lovers of culture the ‘Porta Claudia’ is a real highlight. To the north of Scharnitz the fortress ‘Porta Claudia’ forms the medieval border to Bavaria together with a complex over the western mountain slope. Vacation without limits is guaranteed in Scharnitz.

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