The Peace Bell & Peace Walk

The Peace Bell, on the outer western hill of Mösern, is an impressive sight. It stands in free in the middle of majestic Alpine countryside and opens up to a wonderful panoramic view of the Tyrolean Inntal.

Inaugurated on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of ARGE ALP

When the legendary South Tyrolean Head of Government Dr. Silvius Magnago rang the Peace Bell of the Alps for the first time on October 12th, 1997, it was the solemn highlight of the 25th anniversary celebrations of ARGE ALP (Cooperation of the Alpine states of Bavaria, Tyrol and South Tyrol).

Symbol of good neighbourliness in the Alps

The Peace Bell in Mösern is located at one of the most impressive spots in Tyrol, at the peace village of Mösern, the swallows’ nest of Tyrol, the Peace Bell is an important symbol of co-operation and good neighbourliness in this sensitive Alpine region on the roof of Europe. Especially in the Europe of today, with its varied cultures, languages, living conditions growing together,stories of peace and war, efforts to stay together are a challenge to be conquered on behalf of coming generations.

The largest bell in Tyrol

The Peace Bell is the largest bell in Tyrol. It is 2.51 m high and has a diameter of 2.54 m. The crossbeam has to hold over 10 tonnes of cast bronze and support exteme vibrations. The tongue alone weighs over half a tonne. This heavy bell is rung every day at 5p.m. and can be heard far into the Oberinntal.

Peace Walk

The Peace Walk offers a build-up to this unusual experience. Its seven stations offer ideas for self-contemplation and reflection. Start of the Peace Walk is at the parking lot of  the Seewald Alm.