Seekirchl & St. Oswald



The symbol of Seefeld, the Seekirchl the ‘Little Church in the lake’, also called ‘Heiligkreuzkirche’, was built by Archduke Leopold V in 1629 and completed in 1666. The building has an unusual style for Tyrol, as it was built following the floorplan of a rotunda. The outside shows a delicate silhouette with an attractive onion tower. At that time, it was located in the middle of the artifical Kreuzsee, which was, however, drained in 1807.



Parish Church St. Oswald

This pilgrimage church, dedicated to St. Oswald, is located at the centre of Seefeld. The first historical records go back to the year 1263. The church only became well-known, however, after the so-called Host Miracle, which happened during a mass in 1384. Because of the increasing number of pilgrims, the church was extended in 1425 on the orders of Duke Friedrich ‘of the empty pocket’ and completed in 1474 under Duke Sigismund ‘rich in coins’. Emperor Charles IV adapted the Renaissance ornaments of the Blood Chapel (part of the Parish Church) to the artistic taste of the Baroque.