The Stone Circle & Stations of the Cross

The Seefeld Architect Michael Prachensky had the idea of building a stone circle at one of the most mystical places in Tyrol. This monument was completed by the solstice in 2000 and consists of 12 apostle steles with chiselled names.


Stations of the Cross

This wonderful place is best reached by the Seefeld Stations of the Cross. Starting from the Parish Church of St. Oswald in Seefeld the stations are spread out across the Pfarrhügel (Parish Hill) and end directly at the Stone Circle.

There you can find the depiction of the Last Supper in the form of boulders that weigh as much as 23 tonnes. These were set on the hill in the form of a specific star constellation  fixed on June 21st, 2000. This allows us to always look back to the celebration of the millennium.

Meeting point of the world’s religions

The author Winfried Werner Linde had the idea of making this wonderful place at the highest point of the Pfarrhügel into a peaceful meeting point for people of all the world’s religions. This idea gained its own momentum within a very short time and thousands of people of the most diverse religions have already visited this special place. The first reflections at the Stations of the Cross took place in June – an event that was brought into being in cooperation with the Seefeld Cultural Circle and the International Association for New Music (IGNM).

Information boards can be found on the Parish Hill.