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‘Achweg’ trail
After the implementation of the flood water protection
project, the Leutasch local council created
the themed walking path ‘Lebensraum Ache’ (river
habitat ) along the banks of the Leutascher Ache in
the Weidach area. The aim of the walk is to arouse
interest in nature and the countryside. The themed
path was designed by Mag. Traute Scheiber from
the Civil Engineering Office for Biology. Those who
enjoy walking, as well as those simply in search of
relaxation, can find out, by means of ten information
boards, all about the following topics: Dynamics
of the Mountain Stream; Life in a Water Droplet;
Fish Fauna; Life on the River Bed; Birds on and
around Water; Bioengineering; Pioneer Vegetation;
Floodplain Vegetation; The German Tamarisk; Initiatives
in Bioengineering.


Themenweg Achweg