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Chapel Trail
The Leutasch valley is a valley with 20 different
chapels and a shrine. Impressive numbers, when
you think that, at the time that most of the chapels
were built, there were less than 1000 inhabitants
in the valley. There is a reason that the number of
chapels bear witness to the piety around here - the
size of the local administrative area stretches over
more than 20 kilometres. The hamlets in the Leutasch
valley are a long way away from the parish
church. At that time there were only a few houses
in Kirchplatzl, so almost every hamlet built their
own chapel, in order that evensong and rosaries
could be shared with their neighbours in the summer.
The chapel bells had an additional purpose: if
somebody died in the hamlet, this was signalled
by the ringing of the bell. There were also peals for
different kinds of weather to warn them of storms
in the days before TV and radio. Detailed information
about this themed walk can be found in the
“Chapel Booklet”, which is available for € 3.00 in
the tourist office Leutasch or in Leutasch at the community.