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GAIA - Nature drugstore

In Greek mythology GAIA is the goddess "Mother Earth", who produces and nourishes all living things. With the "Nature Drugstore GAIA - simple.natural" we pursue the ideal to live and work in connection with nature and man.

Natural nutrition and body care have a lot to do with mindfulness - mindfulness towards nature and ourselves. We want to create an awareness for a life with nature and accompany people in finding a way of life and nutrition for themselves that preserves their health and the nature of the earth.

We are particularly enthusiastic about the regional manufactories. They produce care products from local herbs, high-quality vegetable oils, wax cloths to replace cling film, candles, jewellery and much more. The consistent implementation of the themes of climate neutrality, regionality and home make these products something special.

We look forward to your visit to the NATURDROGERIE and will be happy to advise you in detail and according to your individual needs. You are also welcome to contact us online.