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Circular village walk Scharnitz - Gießenbach

Circular village walk Scharnitz - Gießenbach


Starting point: Scharnitz church
Finishing point: Scharnitz
Ascent42 m
Highest point1,013 m
Route distance6.1 km
Walking time / total01:30 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent00:00 hh:mm
Level of difficultyeasy

Elevation profile


Route: Scharnitz / Church – Road Hirlanda-Ellmann-Weg – Gießenbach - Scharnitz

Opposite the church (between the Brunnerhof and Frankenhof guesthouses) walk along road Hirlanda-Ellmann-Weg until you come to a little bridge. Turn left before the bridge and follow the Gießenbach stream along a sunny pathway until you come to another bridge. After crossing this bridge you can either turn left to the inn Gasthof Ramona in the hamlet of Gießenbach, or you can keep to the right and walk back to Scharnitz. When you arrive in Gießenbach, cross the main road towards the railway station and after the bridge you can follow a path along the embankment back to Scharnitz.