Monday to Friday, by appointment only
Duration: 45 min/ 60 min, costs: € 50,-/ € 60,-
The taster riding lesson is for children from 6-14 years and is aimed at children who have little or no riding experience. It is about a first approach as well as the mediation of basic knowledge about the living creature horse. The horse is taken out of the box together, cleaned and prepared. Afterwards, the work is done briefly from the ground and, depending on the horse's ability, the exercises are followed by trotting in walk.

Pony action lesson
Duration: 45 min alone / 60 min in twos / 75 min in threes
Costs: € 45,-/ € 75,-/ € 90,-
This offer is aimed at children from about 3 to 6 years. It is also about a first, playful approach and the mediation of first experiences around the living being horse. During the lesson a pony is taken out of the box, cleaned and decorated. Afterwards the pony is led through a small course and at the end we sit on the pony.


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