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Hohe Gleirsch Summit, 2,492 m / Trail no. 221

Route: Scharnitz - Gleirschhöhe – Valley Gleirschtal - Hut Amtsäge – Gleirscher Riegelkar – Hoher
Gleirsch – Sagkopf – Hut Amtsäge – Scharnitz
Duration: approx. 8 hours (partly by bike)
Scharnitz’s landmark mountain offers fantastic views of all the peaks and valleys of the western
Karwendel mountain range. One way of reaching its summit is to combine mountain biking with
mountain hiking! Cycling to the Amtsäge hut saves you a considerable amount of walking time.
Starting at the information office, cross the bridge and turn left before the church and follow the
road Hinterautalstraße, past the hikers’ car park towards the inn Gasthof Wiesenhof. Follow the
forest track to the Gleirschhöhe where you keep to your right and you reach the hut Amtsäge via
the so-called 'Krapfen' track and the Gleirschtal valley. You can leave your bike here and follow the
marked trail up to the summit of the Hohe Gleirsch.