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"Kneipp walk - Water and Herbs" - themed walking trail

Water and Herbs

Route: Wildsee car park (Hotel Seespitz-Zeit) - Seefelder Kneipp Facilities at the Wildsee - Englhof - Auland - Naturkneipplandschaft St. Florian Reith - Bee Trail Reith
Walking time: ca. 2 1/2 hours
Difficulty: easy

Heading off along the western bank of the Wildsee you will soon come across the large Kneipp facilities on the lake. With the help of information boards about the themes of "Correct Uses of Water" and "Herbal Knowledge" you can begin the use of the Kneipp facilities with the roomy paddling pool and the hand bassin. Path Nr. 4 leads through a lovely wooded area to the deer enclosure and on to the Café Englhof. There you have an opportunity to admire their impressive small gardens. Along the side of the trail you will find different types of herb. Continuing along the path you will reach the bus stop in Auland. At the next junction after the Strasslhof you turn left into the Naturkneipplandschaft St. Florian. This lovely water is a true spring and cleanses, energises, and helps with health and happiness. Take the time to have a drink from it. In the large basin you can refresh your legs and the arms can be submerged in the life-giving elixir of water. The seats offer a spot for meditation and the barefoot area will allow you to recharge your energy levels. The trail from here follows the Bee Trail shich is described elsewhere in this booklet. The way through the forest leads to the Maxhüttenweg - from there cross the main road on the left and head along the Lobaweg in the direction of Seefeld.