Nature Watch in the alpine nature reserve ' Alpenpark Karwendel'

Tour description: Explore and experience an Alpine river and all its facets, complete with waterfalls and gorges, set amid the craggy rocks of the Karwendel mountains. This tour gives you a closer insight into the Tyrol’s largest nature protection area. Highlights of nature: The Karwendel Nature Reserve is full of natural wonders and contains a unique wealth of flora and fauna that merits to be both admired and protected. In the valley you can explore beautiful flowering meadows rich in species which, in turn, attract an abundance of insects. Alongside common species such as wood scabious and small scabious, the superb pink also grows here, a species which certainly lives up to its name and which is very rarely seen in North Tyrol. In some areas here the plants have to survive on extremely barren gravel bars. The pine forest in the Karwendel range is a typical feature of dry areas. At first sight it may appear somewhat featureless and drab; however, upon closer inspection, a whole array of colourful details come to light. Native, protected orchid species, for example, grow here, such as red helleborine and other wild orchids. If you cast your eyes up to the craggy peaks of the Karwendel mountains, chances are you’ll spot a herd of chamois in a cirque and, with a bit of luck, maybe even an ibex. The mountains here are also home to ravens and alpine choughs and, of course, the “king of the skies”, the golden eagle. Equally stunning is the view of the Karwendeltal valley away in the distance. The Karwendelbach gorge and the Teufelslochklamm (devil’s hole ravine) with its waterfall are testament to the immense power of water. The hike ends on a somewhat quieter note along the banks of the River Isar. The branched river network with its gravel banks is teeming with newts and an abundance of water insects. As far as rare bird species are concerned, you might spot a white-throated dipper, the only native songbird that can also dive. For further information visit the website .


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