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Nördlinger Hütte Alpine Hut - Solsteinhaus Alpine House - train station Hochzirl

Nördlinger Hütte Alpine Hut - Solsteinhaus Alpine House - train station Hochzirl


Starting point: Reith parking Maxhütte
Finishing point: train station Hochzirl
Ascent1,515 m
Highest point2,283 m
Route distance17.8 km
Walking time / total09:00 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent08:00 hh:mm
Level of difficultydifficult

Elevation profile


Route: Reith / By-pass road (Maximilianhütte) – Hut Reitherjoch-Alm – Nördlinger Hütte – Solsteinhaus - train station Hochzirl

Starting at the turnoff to the Maximilianhütte (Ichthyol plant), take the road up to the Maximilianshütte then branch off to your left up to the Reitherjoch-Alm hut. Behind the hut go left through the woods, past the now disused Meinhard mine, over the Alpine meadow passing below the peaks of the Härmelekopf and Reither Spitze mountains on to the trail which takes you to the hut Nördlinger Hütte. Optionally, you can go right at the Reitherjoch-Alm, past a digging site belonging to the Ichthyol plant, onto the other side of a ditch followed by a steep climb to the Nördlinger Hütte, about 3.5 hours climbing up from Reith. From the hut Nördlinger Hütte continue in an easterly direction through the south-facing slopes of the peak Reither Spitze to the Ursprungsattel and from there turn right. The hike continues through gorges and over areas of craggy rock (mostly very close to the height of the ridge) until you are beneath the Erlturm peak, and eventually you come onto the trail which takes you down to the alpine house Solsteinhaus.

This is a route that requires stamina and Alpine experience.

From the Ursprungsattel you can either go down to your left through the Wimmertal valley into the Eppzirlertal valley (2.5 hours from the Nördlinger Hütte). Alternatively, you can go down to the saddle below the Ursprungsattel, turn right and go down to the hut Eppzirler Alm (45 minutes from the Ursprungsattel). From the Ursprungsattel follow the trail and then, on the saddle south of the Suntigköpfl, turn onto the trail and cross over at half height to the other side of the valley basin to the starting point for the climb up to the Eppzirler Scharte. Staying on the trail descend to the alpine house Solsteinhaus.

From the Solsteinhaus, the track via the south flank to the peak of the Erlspitze is in rather poor condition and Alpine know-how is a must (fixedrope route, only suitable for those with experience) 

walking time: approx. 1.5 hours. To climb down from the Solsteinhaus, past the Solnalm, through the Brunnental valley to Hochzirl (railway station), approx. 1.5 hours. From there you can take the train back to Seefeld.