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The “Path of the Bees”

The “Path of the Bees” permits you to deepen your knowledge of the mysterious life of honeybees. Already at the very first station (starting in Reith, going in the direction of Seefeld) the Kneipp area St. Florian in Reith, which beckons you to an attractive refreshing “cure” on hot summer days, you learn interesting facts about the community life of the tiny honey suppliers. From here, hike in easy going fashion along a pretty wooded trail quite suitable for children’s strollers and baby carriages in the direction of stream Niederbach and the Ichthyol plant, the final station of the Path of the Bees. You pass a total of nine stations, each with interesting information about the life of the bees. Several benches along the path invite you to pause for a bit and enjoy the fresh air and the beauties of nature. Just before reaching stream Niederbach, the high point of the hike is reached – Austria’s first “bee hotel”. It provides both practical and intimate insights into the beehives with individual housing for various bee species. On request (at the Tourist Office Reith), we can also provide guided walks with a qualified apiculturist, who will explain the details of the various species of bees with the help of beekeeping devices and illustrated panels. A guided hike also permits you to gaze through a glass window at the busy
industriousness of the colony at the bee hotel. An exciting nature study for the entire family is guaranteed.