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Tour of lawn "toler"

Tour of lawn "toler"


Starting point: Parking/bus stop Gasthaus Brücke
Finishing point: Parking/bus stop Gasthaus Brücke
Ascent13 m
Highest point1,072 m
Route distance4.2 km
Walking time / total00:45 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent0:0 hh:mm
Level of difficultyeasy

Elevation profile


Route: Parking-bus station Gasthaus Brücke - Scheibe - Unterkirchen - Leutascher Ache - Johanneskirche - parking-bus station Gasthaus Brücke

The path behind the inn Gasthausf Brücke over the "Moos" and "Schweigls Kälberweide" (the old sedge meadows can be many rare plants and animals observed) until you reach the edge of the forest. There you turn right towards Lochlehn. Now the idyllic lying between woods and meadows along the way to the "Scheibe" in the subsequent crossroad, turn right in direction Unterkirchen. The subsequent cross-field-way affords a magnificent view of the impressive Wetterstein mountains and crosses the crystal clear river "Leutascher Ache" to the main road, at which you turn right. From there one goes on to the church "St. Johannes" in which there is to admire a rare statue of "Gegeiselten". Following the road, we pass ancient beautifully painted farmhouses back to your starting point parking / bus stop inn Gasthaus Brücke.