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Walking in the footsteps of Ludwig Ganghofer

Walking in the footseps of Ludwig Ganghofer Ludwig Ganghofer (1855 - 1920), one of the best-known regional authors of his time, spent many weeks of the year in his hunting lodge “Hubertus” next to the Tillfußalm in the Gaistal. There he produced, amongst others, one of his best-known novels “Das Schweigen im Walde” (The Silence of the Woods). He also received many prominent visitors from the worlds of art and culture, such as Hugo von Hofmannsthal and
Richard Strauss. The income from his novels enabled Ganghofer to lease one of the biggest hunting areas in the northern Alps, the Gaistaljagd. Some
of the many mountain trails that were constructed during his lease can still be found today. The popular trail to the Ganghoferhaus has been named
after him and, as well as the lovely surroundings, offers three traditional huts for a break along the way: the Gaistal-, Tillfuß- and Hämmermoosalm.
The Ganghoferhaus can also be admired but only from the exterior as it is not open to the public. The many walking trails in the Gaistal are described in
the walking and cultural guide available at a price of € 3.00 in all of the information offices of the Olympiaregion Seefeld.