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21 Years of the Seefeld Handicrafts Festival!
The Seefeld Retailers’ Association are organising the Festival of Traditional Tyrolean Handicrafts for the 21st time. Every year, craftsmen and -women gather in Seefeld on the second weekend in September to help keep their traditional skills alive and to thrill the visitors, who can look over the shoulders of masters at their work. The preparations for the event, which the organisers have been working on for more than six months, are now coming to an end and one thing is for certain: this year will be an extra-special and unique festival – we expect more than 800 performers in traditional Tyrolean dress.

The Most Valuable Human Resource Lies in Our Skills
This year more than 1500 men and women (craftspeople, musicians, choirs, traditional groups, tractor drivers, etc.) will fill Seefeld’s pedestrian area for this unique festival. Their knowhow and skills will be on display at more than 100 stands as well as in the open-air. They are coming from North, South and East Tyrol as well as from neighbouring Salzburg, Carinthia, Vorarlberg and Bavaria. This event – along with a large farmers’ market – is a very highly regarded part of the tourist year in Seefeld. The organisers set a high bar for participation and this keeps the standards up for this unmistakable festival with its very special character.

Rare Handicrafts on Display in Seefeld’s Pedestrian Area
Basket weavers, saddlers, violin makers, felt workers, hatters, smiths, coopers, cartwrights, potters, sharpeners, sign painters, embroiderers, goldsmiths, wood carvers, sculptors, knife and cutlery makers, gilt workers, quill embroiderers, metal punchers, lace makers, turners, glassblowers, dyers, carpenters, engravers, mask carvers, fence makers, sheep shearers and pine oil distillers, to name just some of them. South Tyrolean bakers will display the route of rye grain through from the field to the bakers’ oven under the motto “From grain to bread”. The dough produced during the displays will be worked into traditional loaves and rolls such as “Breatln, Vinschgerlen & Co” and baked in a wood oven, where the smells of baking bread will tempt visitors to stop for a while. Some of the rare skills in danger of dying out will also be displayed, such as religious filigree and embroidery from the Middle Ages or handicrafts that were valued on the farm, such as work with sheep’s wool and flax, boring fir wood to make pipes, using a handsaw, sharpening a scythe, chopping wood for fences, etc. The route to the Kapitelsaal with its special exhibition “All About Traditional Dress” has offered more and more over the last few years to do with these almost-forgotten skills which can still be experienced here.

 Brass Bands, Folk Music and Specialities from Grandmother’s Kitchen
It’s not just the handicrafts that feature on these two days, but also real folk music, played in a true authentic style at nine different points throughout the pedestrian area. Brass band fans can look forward to the brass group “Simmerinka” from Haiming at the bandstand on both days. Be sure to check out the delicacies from grandmother’s cookbook, offered at various special stands. TIP: try “Kiachln” (kind of deep-fried dough) and Zillertaler Krapfen (another kind of deep-fried speciality!).

Historic Tractor Parade
The highlight of the festival programme on Saturday is the parade of historic tractors at 13.00, accompanied by the Scharnitz musicians. The oldest tractors are from 1939. Some of them will be pulling other historic accessories, such as the impressive first mowing machine on the Seefeld plateau. Other rarities include a motorised grain mill, a hay-turning machine and a potato plough. At atmospheric close to the festival on Saturday will be provided by the Reith singers, who will accompany the evening service in the parish church of St Oswald in Seefeld.

Wonderful Parade of Traditional Local Dress
The absolute highlight on Sunday is the unique parade of Tyroleans in their local dress at 13.00, with more than 800 participants from North and South Tyrol. They will be accompanied by musicians from Seefeld, Patsch and Scharnitz. The ‘Root Band’ Wahlen from South Tyrol will also be there – they look for suitable roots in the woods, dry them at home and then turn them into various instruments. Both processions finish off with the group “Herr der Räder” on their nostalgic penny farthing bikes.

Free shuttle bus to the village centre
Free parking available at the Rosshütte car park on 8th and 9th September – there will be a continuous shuttle bus service back and forth to the village centre.

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