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7th Mountain Crystal Festival featuring Mario and Christoph

Mario and Christoph, former members of the band Alpentrio Tirol, will be presenting the 7th Mountain Crystal Festival in Seefeld, a multi-day event to delight all fans of folk music and easy listening. With a wide spectrum of musical treats and a high-calibre line-up of artists, audiences can be sure of an unforgettable musical experience amid a fantastic ambience.

Welcome Evening at the Kurpark Seefeld, 5:00 pm, with presenter DJ Alex Weber & Ingo Rotter, the band “Mann-O-Mann“, as well as Mario & Christoph.
“Night of Stars” show in the Casino WM Hall, 7:00 pm, DJ Ingo Rotter presents “Die Kastelruther Spatzen”, the band "Pfunds Kerle", Michelle Ryser and "Mario & Christoph".
Fan walk, meeting point at 9:30 am, village centre, 1 hour (easy) walk to the Casino WM hall, music & entertainment with the band "Duo SaWa".
“Hit on Hit” show in the Casino WM Hall, 7:00 pm, presenter Alexander Weber leads through the programme with Alexander Rier, the bands "Die Musikapostel" and "Duo SaWa", Marcella Carin, Marco Spiegl and "Mario & Christoph".
“Radio U1 Frühschoppen”, at Casino WM Hall, from 11:00 am, programme: Ingo Rotter presents a programme with the bands "Die Musikapostel", "Hattinger Buam" & "Mann-O-Mann", Maria da Vinci, Marco Spiegl and "Mario & Christoph".

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Mario und Christoph
Mario und Christoph

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