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Cabaret with Alex Kristan

laughing with this first-rate Ö3 voice imitator!

Lebhaft -
Rotzpipn forever / Animated - Cheeky Child Forever
: A fortune cookie with the
quote: "Live every day as if it were your last" as the source of the
great uprising. When a stale proverb sparks disobedience and rebelliousness and
a life without limits, then the word "animated" is part of it!

In the
truest sense of the word. Full speed ahead on the wrong side of the tracks? And
why not actually adopt this bit of Chinese wisdom? If yesterday everything was
really better, why not live today as if there's no tomorrow? Bring yin and yang
out of balance. Get off the hamster wheel and on the roller coaster. For once
say what you're thinking. Realise pandas are really problem bears and how much
a bad Carnival costume in childhood can have an influence on a proper life as
an adult. Can a calendar for 2028 be hung in the post-anaesthesia recovery room
of the hospital? Don't ask. Just do it. When duty calls, tell her you'll get
back to her. The minor problem with an unfettered lifestyle: laws definitely
have a tomorrow. So Alex Kristan spends a night of resocialisation at the
state's expense. Thanks to a mild sentence from a judge, the audience has
unrestricted visiting rights and get to experience Alex Kristan as imprisoned
and open as never before. He realises he never stopped being a cheeky kid. Of
course Kristan's various alter egos and parodies are part of this animated
group again and accumulate in this cage of fools. And aren't we all actually
imprisoned somewhere, somehow? For Alex Kristan it's about having fun. He knows
how to do the only important dance: the one that's out of step. Programme in
German only!

Tickets for € 29.00 incl. € 10.00 in welcome chips available at Casino Seefeld,
from all Ö-Ticket sales offices as well as in the Ö-Ticket online shop. Information:

Alex Kristan
Alex Kristan
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