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Museum Holzerhütte

The Holzerhütte Museum is located directly next to the Scharnitz information office. The historic log cabin from the valley Gleirschtal in the Karwendel Nature Park used to serve as accommodation for the woodworkers. Today, the traditional building houses a modern multimedia exhibition on the history and present of wood use, on the everyday life and work of woodworkers once and today, as well as on ecological connectivity and natural biodiversity in the local mountain forests.

The current location of the woodworker's hut is also a historical one: the so-called "Länd" in Scharnitz still reminds us of its former significance - the landing of the wood drifted over the Gleirschbach and the Isar. For this purpose, the Isar was once dammed here to form a shallow lake, which was surrounded by a large timber yard. The logging hut itself was originally built in 1913 in the Gleirsch Valley, saved from demolition in 2017 by master carpenter Alois Seelos from Scharnitz, lavishly restored and rebuilt in the Länd.

What to expect in the museum

Room I gives an overview of the history and present of wood use. How did the tree get from the mountain to the valley in the past and how does it happen today? Using a large, detailed model and old film footage, you can take a closer look at the former stages of woodworking in the Gleirsch Valley. Room II tells of about a hundred years of wood use in the Gleirsch Valley, based on stories told by the woodcutters and planters' wives.
In Room III, these contemporary witnesses have their say in detail and report in two short films on their everyday working lives at the time. Room IV presents the breathtaking network of life in the natural forest. Take time to get to the bottom of the puzzles and immerse yourself in the hidden life of the forest.

You and your guests can obtain the free admission tickets at the Scharnitz information office, which is open at these times. The museum is open from 1 pm to 4.30 pm.


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