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Seefeld´s Tuesday Market

Fresh foodstuffs straight from local farms, from agriculture in harmony with nature. No long transport routes, no middlemen - environmentally friendly, healthy and ecologically sustainable for you!

In the Seefeld village square from 4th June to 3th September 2019, from 10 am to 4 pm.

Mountain cheese - Tyrolean ‘grey cheese’ - semi-hard cheese - oil-marinated cheese - camembert and many other cheese specialities. Farmhouse butter /Alp butter - quark - yoghurt. Farmhouse bread - cakes - pasta - various kinds of dumplings - herb salt - herb vinegar - herb oil. Tyrolean ‘Speck’ bacon - various sausage specialities - meat pastes - smoked trout from Leutasch. Honey - honey-based products - jams - chutneys - herb teas - fruit/vegetable juices. Apple juice - cordials - liqueurs - schnaps. Local, seasonal field and garden products that grow here in our region including lettuces - vegetables - herbs - berries - fruit. And special homemade, handcrafted produced made by local farmers’ wives including sheep’s wool, animal hides, knitted socks - herbal pillows - marigold salve - candles - herbal bath products - various arts and crafts. For further information visit: or

Dienstagsmarkt 3 - KV
Dienstagsmarkt 3 - KV

Event location

Pedestrian area Seefeld
Klosterstr. 43