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Rare professions show their skills

At the Handfwerksfest Seefeld, craftsmen from rare and historical handicraft branches provide insights into their work

Starring: Basket weavers, saddlers, violin makers, felters' hat makers, blacksmiths, coopers, wainwrights, potters, scissor grinders, sign painters, fabric printers, goldsmiths, notch carvers, sculptors, knife and cutlery makers, goldsmiths, quill embroiderers, hallmarkers, lace makers, wood turners, glass blowers, tanners, carpenters, engravers, mask carvers, fence builders, sheep shearers, and mountain pine oil burners -  just to name a few of the dozens of different handicraft types.

For example, the South Tyrolean bakers around the master baker Benjamin Profanter show the way of the rye grain from the field to the oven under the slogan "From grain to bread". The locally produced bread dough is processed into "Breatln, Vinschgerln & Co", baked in a wood-fired oven and, with its enchanting aroma, literally makes the mouths of many visitors water.

Of course, very rare and almost extinct crafts will be on display again, such as monastery work or crafts that used to be cultivated on farms. These include the processing of sheep's wool and flax, the drilling of pine wood for water pipes (there will be a push saw set up), scything, splitting wood for fences and much more.

The numerous craftsmen are looking forward to taking you on a journey into the past, or rather into the practically invisible present, and to enthuse you with their craftsmanship, products and tools.

Basket weaver, © Region Seefeld, Thomas Steinlechner
Craft, © Region Seefeld, Thomas Steinlechner
Felters, © Region Seefeld, Thomas Steinlechner
Sticker, © Region Seefeld, Thomas Steinlechner
Carving, © Region Seefeld, Thomas Steinlechner
Carpenter, © Region Seefeld, Thomas Steinlechner
Blacksmithing, © Region Seefeld, Thomas Steinlechner
TRADITIONAL TYROLEAN CRAFT FAIR, © Region Seefeld, Thomas Steinlechner