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Hochfeldernalm - Ehrwalderalm Alpine Huts

Hochfeldernalm - Ehrwalderalm Alpine Huts

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Starting point: Leutasch Gaistal parking Salzbach
Finishing point: Leutasch Gaistal parking Salzbach
Ascent 800 m
Highest point 1,734 m
Route distance 25.5 km
Level of difficulty
Driving time 03:30 hh:mm

Elevation profile


Attention in the Gaistal area: This route has not yet been officially released. There are no current signs and the route is not regularly checked. It is only possible to bike on your own responsibility.

Route: Car Park Salzbach / Klamm – Valley Gaistal – Alpine Hut Hochfeldernalm – Alpine Hut Ehrwalderalm - Car Park Salzbach / Klamm

Starting at the car park, follow the wide, flattened forest trail up a short, somewhat steeper section at the beginning, then through the picturesque Gaistal valley. After a short descent you soon come to the turnoffs to the hut Gaistalalm and the hut Tillfußalm, after which follows the turnoff to the hut Hochfeldernalm. Here you leave the bottom of the valley and cycle past the hut Feldernalm up a short steep section to the edge of the woods and past the turnoff to the hut Ehrwalderalm. After another kilometre or so, you come to the hut Hochfeldernalm at an altitude of 1,732 m (open for refreshments in summer). The descent from the hut Hochfeldernalm takes you via the Pestkapelle chapel down to the hut Ehrwalderalm (1,502 m) where you can stop for a break before climbing another good 100 metres of altitude to a forest ridge. There follows a short descent to a fork at the upper end of the Gaistal valley (a further option here is to carry straight on for 2.5 km to the Seebenalm hut and a further 1 km to the Seebensee lake). However, turning left at the fork
you cycle past the Igelsee lake (often dried out) and back through the whole Gaistal valley to the starting point.