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Salzbach Kneipp water therapy facilities in Leutasch

Situated at the entrance to the Gaistal valley, the Kneipp water therapy facilities and water play area offer a multitude of opportunities to experience the element of water in all its facets. Kneipp therapy, which takes its name from its founder, Father Sebastian Kneipp, is a holistic form of natural therapy focussed on creating harmony between body and mind. In addition to the water treatments, Kneipp therapy is based on four other pillars: the use of medicinal plants, healthy nutrition, plenty of exercise and inner balance. To enhance the Kneipp water experience, you can also take a walk along the barefoot path, which stimulates the sense of touch and balance, and strengthens the leg and foot muscles. The water play area with its wide range of attractions, including a water play wheel, a pumping well and lots more besides, offers a world of mountain spring water fun – not just for little kids!