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51th  Euroloppet Ganghoferlauf Leutasch

  1. Current information: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is possible that changes, further measures or even a cancellation may occur at any time. All corresponding changes and news will be announced to the participants via e-mail. It is important to adhere to the currently valid measures!

  2. Online registration: We ask every participant to register online. If the number of participants has to be reduced afterwards due to short-term Corona measures, the "first come, first serve" principle applies. This means that whoever registers first will be given priority when the starting places are filled - regardless of the finishing time stated on registration. This time is only used to ensure that, in the case of starting blocks, the participants can be allocated as best as possible. Online registration is possible until Wednesday, 02.03.2022 via the official website

  3. Late registrations: Late entries are also possible online via RaceTimePro up to 1 hour before the start of the respective race.

  4. Start numbers & distribution: If you register online until 06.02.2021, you will receive a personalised start number. The start number will be handed out after showing the payment receipt in the Wettersteinhalle Leutasch.

  5. Distances: 25 km and 50 km classic, 20 km and 42 km skating

  6. Time limits: Each participant must specify a personal, realistic target time in order to avoid a possible mass start ban due to Corona. This allows the organiser to divide participants into performance-related starting groups

  7. Entry fee:

    by 31.10.2021

    50 km Klassik bzw. 42 km Skating € 50,-
    25 km Klassik bzw. 20 km Skating € 40,-

    by 31.12.2021

    50 km Klassik bzw. 42 km Skating € 62,50,- | with Euroloppet Pass € 50,-
    25 km Klassik bzw. 20 km Skating € 50,- | with Euroloppet Pass € 40,-

    by 02.03.2022

    50 km Klassik bzw. 42 km Skating € 67,50,- | with Euroloppet Pass € 54,-
    25 km Klassik bzw. 20 km Skating € 55,- | with Euroloppet Pass € 44,-

    Registration on site

    50 km Klassik bzw. 42 km Skating € 75,- | with Euroloppet Pass € 60,-
    25 km Klassik bzw. 20 km Skating € 65,- | with Euroloppet Pass € 52,-
  8. Included in the entry fee: Starter gift and/or medal, food and drink vouchers, catering along the route, medical care, shower facilities at the ErlebnisWelt Alpenbad Leutasch, diploma printout via website, free waxing service

  9. Dislaimer: Participation at your own risk. The organiser does not incur any liability towards participants, officials, spectators & other persons.

    All participants are obliged to sign the liability disclaimer for the Ganghoferlauf and to present it at the start number distribution: Disclaimer Statement Ganghoferlauf

    To participate in the Mini-Ganghoferlauf, the declaration of liability must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and presented at the registration or start number distribution. For the declaration of liability for the Mini-Ganghoferlauf: Disclaimer Statement Mini-Ganghoferlauf

    Those who can't start at the Ganghoferlauf are not entitled to a refund of the entry fee. If the run cannot be carried out or only partly carried out due to force majeure, there is no right to a refund of the entry fee.

  10. Changes: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we reserve the right to make changes to the course, the organisational procedure and other programme items until further notice.

  11. Rescue & Safety: Race personnel and the rescue service are explicitly allowed to take participants who are in poor physical condition out of the race. Medical care and ambulance service: Doctor on duty and Bergrettung Leutasch.

  12. Timekeeping: Timekeeping is carried out by RaceTimePro using transponder timekeeping (no timekeeping without transponder).

  13. Class division:

    DesignationYear from/to
    J-w/ J-m2002 - 2003
    W/ M1992 - 2001
    W-I/ M-I1982 - 1991
    W-II/ M-II1972 - 1981
    W-III/ M-III1962 - 1971
    W-IV/ M-IV1952 - 1961
    W-V/ M-V1903 - 1951


    DesignationYear from/to
    Zwergerl I2016 an younger
    Zwergerl II2015
    Children I2013 - 2012
    Children II2011 - 2012
    Pupils I2009 - 2010
    Pupils II2007 - 2008
    Youth I2006
    Youth II2004 - 2005
  14. Eligibility to start: For participation in the races over the 20 km distance skating and 25 km classic the minimum age is 16 years (born before 02.03.2006). For participation in the 42 km Skating and 50 km Classic races, the minimum age is 18 years (born before 02.03.2004)
    Starters who take part in the classic competitions must follow the prepared tracks. Shortcuts lead to disqualification.

  15. By registering, the participant confirms his knowledge of the present standards and simultaneously accepts them. Furthermore, he expressly declares to release the organisers from any civil or criminal liability towards persons and/or material damage caused or suffered by the participant.

  16. Complaints: Complaints must be submitted to the jury within half an hour after the end of each race, together with a fee of € 50,-. If the complaint is accepted, the fee will be refunded.

  17. The participant agrees with the computer processing and transfer of his data to the Euroloppet Association.

  18. It is permitted to put your skis in the starting area from 20 minutes before the start of the race (applies to the 20 and 42 km skating and 25 and 50 km classic competitions).

  19. The personal data provided by the participants during registration will be stored and processed for the purpose of carrying out and handling the event. RaceTimePro GmbH Timing Solutions, 3665 Gutenbrunn 115, Austria, acts as a contract processor in our name, but also in its own name, for central activities relevant to data protection law. These are described in detail in the AVB of RaceTimePro GmbH:

  20. Media & press photos/videos: The photos, film recordings and interviews of the participant made in connection with the participation in the event may be distributed and published in radio, television, social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), print media, books, photomechanical reproductions (films, video cassettes, etc.) by the organiser without entitlement to remuneration.

  21. Data collection and image utilization: By registering, the participant agrees to the automatic storage and processing of personal data for the purpose of the event. (Note in accordance with the Data Protection Act: The data will be stored automatically and will only be passed on to the timekeeper and event photographer).

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