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The 3. Day Unicon March is not a performance sport event. Thats why there is no timing and no target times. Each participant acknowledges the invitation conditions and the guidelines of the ÖVV. In addition, the participants undertake to comply with sporting and environment protection principles.



Ample parking spaces are available at the ErlebnisWelt Alpenbad leisure centre in Leutasch and beside the sports grounds.


Starting cards

The starting cards are issued at the Wetterstein Hall/ErlebnisWelt Alpenbad Leutasch on Thursday from 10 am until 9 pm and on Friday from 6 am. The starting cards must be fully completed and carried personally during the hike for stamping at the checkpoints; each participant may only have one card stamped. The failure to use starting cards shall give rise neither to a claim for an award nor to a refund of the starting fee.


Is the participants’ responsibility. The organiser assumes no liability for illness, accidents, theft and the like. The organiser holds third-party liability insurance through the ÖVV.

Weather and Hiking equipment

One never knows what kind of weather to expect in Austria in September. Late summer is normally quiet sunny but a few rainy and cold days cannot be ruled out. So be prepared for unpredictable weather and rapidly changing conditions! Robust mountain boots are a must in our alpine region. For cooler days and chilly mornings light weight but warm jackets are strongly recommended. In case you get caught in the rain, a water resistant jacket should also be foreseen in your backpack.


Pictures/videos during the event

Please note that photos and/or videos will be taken at the venue and may be published for the purpose of documentation and/or promotion of the event.

Unicorn Walk-Awards

IML Awards

Important: For the IML stamp the walker has to walk EACH day at least 20 km.

1. The walker buys an International Walker Passport after his/her first IML walk and may purchase the bronze medal.
2. After obtaining stamps from three different IML events on the first page of the passport, the walker may purchase the number 1.
3. After completing the second serie of three different walks (see second page), the walker may purchase the number 2, etc.

To get your Einhornmarsch stamp, every participant has to walk on all three days the 20 km distance!

So before purchasing a number or a medal the passport will be checked!