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Over hill and dale, along the course of lovely streams with lovely vegetation and woodland – the routes chosen for the 21st IML 3-day Unicorn Walk are really something special. The main emphasis is the 16km-long Leutasch valley, known for its extensive cross-country ski tracks in the winter and for its special walks in the summer. The three days will offer a variety from easier hikes on the level through to more demanding tours. The exact route maps, along with an altitude profile, for all three days of the IML Unicorn Walk can be found here.


Day 1 - Friday, September 18th 2020
Hike around the Ahrnspitze Mountain 42 km
Spirit Gorge Hike 30 km
Stream Hike 20 km
Runst Hike 10 km

Day 2 - Saturday, September 19th 2020
Olympic Hike 42 km
Inn Valley View Hike 30 km
Katzenkopf Mountain Hike 20 km
Wildmoos Hike 10 km

Day 3 - Sunday, September 20th 2020
Gaistal Valley Hike 42 km
Pasture Paradise Hike 30 km
Wiesenweg Hike 20 km
Bichlwald Hike 10 km

Subject to change.


Service along the routes

The entry or start fee for the IML 3-day Unicorn Walk includes refreshments along the entire route network. We ask all participants to be careful of the environment and protect it as much as possible. Relax and enjoy the experience – that’s the idea, while all the time enjoying good food and drink (not included in the entry fee). Toilets are available in the start and finish area and the Wettersteinhalle in Weidach/Leutasch.