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Churches and chapels

Leutaschtal – one valley with 19 chapels and a chapel-shrine.
Impressive numbers when you consider the fact that, at the time most of the chapels were built, there were fewer than 1,000 people living in the valley. The main reason behind the large number of places of worship that bear testimony to the devoutness of the inhabitants of the Leutasch valley, is the expansiveness of the parish which stretches over an area of more than 20 kilometres. But Leutasch is home to a host of other features that pay tribute to the deep beliefs of the local population – both past and present.  Some 80 wayside shrines, countless crosses on roadsides, pathways and mountain pastures and a Way of the Cross that has been renovated twice over (in 1984 and 2007) by the local Young Farmers’ Association, offer tranquil places for reflection or prayer.