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Project presentation for the 2019 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

On 1st September, the Austrian Ski Federation submitted the stipulated candidacy application to the International Ski Federation. On 1st October, a candidacy presentation was given in front of an FIS Inspection Committee.

The candidacy team from Seefeld, together with the representatives from the Austrian Ski Federation, put a lot of effort into creating an interesting and compelling presentation about the history of Seefeld, the current touristic infrastructure (accommodation, transport etc.) and, naturally, details relevant to the sport event itself, including planned building work. A strong emphasis was also placed on the ecological aspects of hosting such an event and on ensuring minimal impact on the natural environment.

The presentation of the concept for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, which took place in Zurich, was given by Yvonne Weichhart, Markus Tschoner and Werner and Robert Frießer, with the support of several members of the Austrian Ski Federation, including Rupert Steger (Marketing), Jo Schmidt (Chief Press Officer), Harald Haim (Ski Jumping Coordinator), Dietmar Miklautsch (Cross-Country Skiing Advisor) and Christian Scherer (Austrian Ski Federation). The presentation ended with a promotional film created by the agency ‘WWP Creative’, which provided an impressive visual summary of Seefeld’s overall concept for hosting the 2019 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. The Seefeld delegation received positive feedback from the FIS committee, along with some useful input on how to continue with the candidacy effort.

The next port of call was Barcelona, where the candidates were given detailed information on the selection process, on presentation opportunities and on further steps towards the awarding of the hosting rights for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.