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About the facilities of the pumping stations

As part of the construction work for the World Championships already-existing projects are also being inspected and tested for their economic viability and their sustainability. Every decision is part of a process with the responsible departments and agencies and has undergone a critical examination. It is carried out in the proper manner according to the appropriate legal regulations which have been strictly adhered to.

The co-operation of everyone involved means that there is successful sharing which will result in a lasting heritage.

Both pumping stations at Mösern and Seewiese serve the snowmaking facilities on the Gschwandtkopf.

Regarding this:

  • Both pumping stations can only be used as emergency supplies for drinking water for hygienic reasons.
  • The pipework between the two stations as well as to the cooling tower of the ski jump (= fluid tank for the snowmaking) is already in existence.
  • In the medium term both pumps can produce a minimum of 20 l/s, an average of 30 l/s and a maximum of 40 l/s groundwater by day
  • With an output of 20 l/s around 50,000 m&³3 of groundwater can be produced per month
  • The pumps are optimally suited for the filling of the snowmaking reservoir in summer as well as for their replenishment during the winter.

With best wishes
Thomas Sprenger