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Sustainability on the construction sites

Those in charge of the construction on the plateau are aware of the unique nature of this lovely landscape and the management company Malojer takes the mission of ‘A Sustainable Approach to Valuable Resources’ very seriously.

The above-ground construction projects either involve modification or replacement of already-existing structures or, as in the case of the new base station or the technical centre, carefully placing the structures in their surroundings.

Base Station – Multifunctional Building WM Arena:

  • This will be built in the existing slope between the ski jump run-out zone and the car park and then completely covered. Only the front facade will be visible while the remaining parts of the structure are built into the renatured slope.
  • The heating implementation will be by an air-water pump – an alternative energy source using no fossil fuels.
  • The size of the building has been designed so that it can be used for World Cup events. Additional space for the World Championships will be provided using containers.
  • A public toilet facility will also be constructed.

Volunteer Building:

  • This will be built in place of the current football building.
  • The former building was already run-down and had been badly damaged by rising damp.
  • A new building will be constructed which will be used as a contact point for the volunteers and afterwards as a community football facility.
  • The modern new building will therefore meet all the current standards.
  • The facade will mostly be covered in wood.
  • The building is also located in the slope between the Mösererstrasse and the level of the football pitch and thus will be optimally integrated into the surroundings.

Technical Centre:

  • The heating implementation will be by an air-water pump – an alternative energy source using no fossil fuels.
  • Once again, the building below the Mösererstraße will be optimally integrated into the surroundings.
  • Partly covered with wooden shingles – thus here too extensively with a wooden facade.

Conversion of the WM Halle:

  • The overall dimensions of the WM Halle will stay roughly as they are.
  • Emergency exits, safety features, insulation, etc. will be brought up to modern standards.
  • The building will have a new accessible entrance.
  • The facade will also be mostly covered in wood cladding.
  • The building will be made energy-efficient as far as is possible.

Inclined Lift:

  • The inclined lift will replace the former chairlift, which it was not possible to use because of current standards.
  • Encroachment into nature will be limited as the position will be identical to the former installation.