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Traffic Concept Olympiaregion Seefeld

How can we ensure that the mobility of guests and locals is guaranteed without putting too much strain on people and the countryside? This central question played a major part in discussions between local politicians, tourist authorities, business people and the police during four workshops about the transport concept and is reflected in the agreed set of goals:

  • Pedestrian traffic should be given the highest priority
  • Increase in the use of bicycles in daily life and tourism
  • Public transport to be made more attractive
  • Leading role of the local council in E-mobility, protection of the environment and sustainability
  • Reduction of personal vehicle use by holiday guests, day visitors and locals

The suggested measures follow these goals. Amongst others

  • A new and attractive ski bus concept with two express routes, which was already in operation in the winter season of 2016/17
  • The renovation of the train station with extended pedestrian area, loading station for electric vehicles and covered cycle storage area from 2018/19
  • The reconfiguration of the entrances to the village, 40km per hour speed limit in the village, special markings and further measure to enable a good traffic flow at low speeds.
  • Additional walkways and the construction (extension) of cycle connections, for example, with an underpass at the Seefeld North intersection
  • The introduction of an E-car sharing plan and construction of parking areas with E-loading stations.