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With its round about 1.500 m above ocean level, Gschwandtkopf mountain offers a birds view perspective of the Inn river valley. Well reachable by tow lifts and chair lifts from Seefeld and Mösern, it provides momentarily also a breathtaking view of the Word Championship arena from above.

Seefeld, known as the cradle of cross country skiing, has a lot to offer for down hill fans as well. Strictly speaking, alpine ski is the big brother of the cross country region and the alpine slopes are actually the roots of so named Ski Field Seefeld!

Nordic and Alpine ski sport live the world championship slogan “hand in hand”: Gschwandtkopf, Sportalm und Sonnenalm count on tradition and fun with new ideas - “class not mass”.

Skiing with delight is emphasized particularly at Gschwandtkopf – a perfect ski area for the whole family. While mother is training in the tracks and dad on the slopes, laid-back junior glides on his snow-board and little Lisa happily sledges down a little hill, grandma can watch them all behind her sunglasses – while enjoying an apple strudel on the patio of the Sportalm. With this complete package of skiing for everyone, the roots of this ski area sprout anew.

The approach is not without reason: the Schneider family owns the mountain property including the lift area in 3rd generation. Leonie Schneider is authorized representative, father Wolfgang owner of the mountain. Grandfather Richard took over the old lift of Gschwandtkopf from the county. A huge investment. Doubtless with a lot of risk. “They were all on board at the maiden trip of the new lift system: great grandpa, grandpa and my dad – then, there was a tragic accident when one chair of the lift rebounded”, says Leonie. “Only grandpa and dad, who was just four years old at that time, survived.” The early-childhood chock was deep – but tough as Tyrolians are, it become mother of invention. Grandpa Richard Schneider invented the Schneider-System-Terminal: nowadays, system terminals are part of every lift – at that time, it was a break-through in terms of safety on the rope. “Nothing like this should ever happen again, so he worked meticulously in the metal working shop in the back and built it”, Leonie added.

An when you glance down from the “Gschwandt”, as the alpine mountain is called here, in direction of the tracks and tribunes of the Nordic Ski World Championship, one should know, already in the late 50s the legendary “Silver Bullet Races” took place here with Toni Seiler among others.

Today, the Gschwandtkopf mountain is not only a ski area for the whole family, it is also very popular as a ski racing course amount our German neighbors. Week after week, clubs race here and two times the German Alpine Championship in RTL was determined here. Many professional teams value the Gschwandtkopf as training course, notably the ladies ski team of the United States of America with Lindsey Vonn or as well Alexis Pintaurault.

With a lot of ideas for the family business Leonie Schneider looks into the future, since creativity runs in her veins: together with her cousin who manages the technical part of the lift system, she plans already for the time after the Nordic Ski World Championship. An alpine ski show will be the next highlight. Fireworks, backpack rockets and a torch-march will celebrate on March 3rd fresh and anew the Alpine roots of this ski region offering all you want.