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The visual heart of the world championship beats in a rather unimposing looking broadcast van. Here is where the action is, so viewers all over the world can experience each competition in front of their screens. Right beside the galleries where sports fans loudly cheer for the athletes, determines one voice the pulse in the central broadcast control center. The director pulls the strings of each production. At this world championship, it is Michael Kögler. This man from ORF does it for a long time already. Round about 20 international major sports events like Olympic games and world championships he mastered so far. He is  calm despite full concentration. But each time is exciting to him: „Each time it is a great and of course very responsible task. What we do here is supposed to be of worth for everyone after all.“   

What is sent out into the world from this broadcast van resembles a concertante masterpiece. 125 cameras built so to speak the TV-orchestra. Ski jump arenas Bergisel and Seefeld alone, 30 of them are deployed, during the ladies 15 km sciathlon and the 30 km one of men, even 65. The directors’ ,,Word and eye“ wave for all here the baton. „My motto is always: It has to be fun for all participants“, says Kögler. And fun he obviously has with all the camera men along the tracks, eight super-slow motion-cameras, two drones, six cranes and the overview-camera attached to a blimp in airy heights of 250 meters. According to Kögler, hand in hand is not only the slogan of the World Championship but just as well of every broadcast. 10 nations are represented in the team of camera men. As the conductor of production emphasized: „It is always teamwork!“ Here, image-master Gaby Schmitz-Westhofer loughs and adds „We work together for 25 years already – like an old couple!“ Together with assistant director Markus, they will pull out all the stops amidst the screens, controllers and signals, here until these World Championships are over.