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A big event needs a lot of helping hands to make everything run smoothly. Thousands of details have to be considered to make athletes as well as spectators happy. Nearly invisible, the helping hands join forces from dawn till dusk to make everything shine brilliantly. It’s a big task for “ISS Facility Service” who has more than half a million workers all over the world. In Tyrol, there are about 500 skilled workers taking care of cleaning, catering, safety and cleanliness. A part of them is currently working in Seefeld.

At 6 am they start their workday. 46 people discreetly working in the background thus guaranteeing that everybody feels comfortable. That this isn’t an easy feat is obvious, as the whole area to cover reaches from the WM hall to the ski jumping and cross-country arena. Listing the items alone makes you dizzy: TV commentator cubicles, FIS container, athlete’s catering area as well as the royal lounge for Norwegian king Harald, jumping tower at the jumping hill and the Dixi toilets back in the woods.

The workday finally ends late at night. A good team coordination is necessary which is done by Herbert Ramsbacher who is in charge of the World Championships. A former football professional himself he knows exactly what to look out for: “It’s a big advantage to have a sports background. I know the works very well and can easily adapt to new situations” says the Tyrolean, who is preparing his team for further big sports events. He is happy that his workers still have some fun at work: “It is very interesting for the team to experience such an event first-hand and to be close to the sportsmen!”