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construction sites

Dear Plateau Residents, Dear Guests,

Only 560 days left before the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2019 in Seefeld

Only 170 days left before the 5th FIS World Cup Nordic Combined Triple Seefeld

Only 130 days left before the end of the Site Journal

Under the motto “We are building for you and the world champions of tomorrow” the Olympiaregion is “transforming” day after day. Very exciting: what seems to have just started with excavation and dredging work, now is taking shape because of the extraordinary efforts of all builders.

Let’s go to the current building sites:

We start at the cross-country trails: at a depth of 1,8 meters, cables for the production of artificial snow are laid – no cable tangle – and hydrants are adjusted, to guarantee reliable snow. Finest details like integrated electrical sockets and power connections ensure safe television transmissions for all events. This will be finished by end of August.

In the competition arena two passages – with a proud length of 73 / 30 meters – will be filled up. The key focus is on safety and on the protection of this unique landscape.

Some time ago it started with the building constructions: The WSC-Hall is going to be renovated. First major concrete work has already started. The hall must be ready for the Pre-WSC in January 2018 as it will serve as Press & Media Center. Near the football field the excavation for the Volunteer-Center can already be seen.

On the right-hand side, of the Toni Seelos Ski Jumps (2), tracks are laid for the new inclined elevator. At one touch of a button our “eagles” reach conveniently the top. On the left-hand side, everything is prepared for the water pipelines transporting water up to the reservoir and downhill to ensure efficient snow production.

The new administration building next to the ski jumps is getting its concrete corset.

At the new reservoir at the Gschwandtkopf everything is in the end spurt: when everything works well, the pond will soon be filled with water - a beautiful “pond”, if you ask me, which invites to a little walk around.

If both “construction & weather” Gods mean it well with us, there won’t be any construction sites left – besides tiny details – by the end of the year!

Thanks for your patience and your builder-heart!

Your WSC-Insider