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Nordic World Ski Championships as a platform for domestic industry

Tyrol stands not only for top performance in sports and tourism, but also in the economy. The Tyrol location agency is currently using the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships to present Tyrol as a location for business and innovation. A new development from snow research "made in Tyrol" was also presented: The so-called "Denothmeter" is about to conquer the world. Hypo Tirol Bank, on the other hand, talked to ski jumping legend Ernst Vettori about the question of what points of contact there are between top sports and business and what athletes and managers can learn from each other.

Snow innovation from Tyrol: The Denothmeter conquers the world
The white gold of winter does not only occupy the service people at the Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld every day. The Tirol Snow Centre has been searching for clues for several years now and is trying to scientifically unlock the last secrets of the medium of snow. 
In the TirolBerg TV-Studio Armin Denoth, one of the developers and experimental physicists at the University of Innsbruck, Michael Rothleitner from Schneezentrum Tirol and Andy Stauder from IUI Innsbruck University Innovations presented a new development from snow research that is about to conquer the world:

The "Denothmeter" is a device for measuring the water content in snow. An approximately 40-year-old predecessor model was completely redeveloped by Armin Denoth and his son Dietmar on a private basis at the suggestion of Michael Rothleitner - based on practical experience. Due to the high measuring accuracy and applicability in practice, international research is now also showing interest in the Denothmeter, knows Andy Stauder as an interface between business and science and prospective sales partner. 
The trigger for the further development of the Denothmeter was the work of the Tirol Snow Centre. Within the framework of Lebensraum Tirol 4.0 GmbH, this centre pursues a particularly important task for Tyrol's role as a winter sports country: the ecological and economic optimisation of slope management.

What sport and business can learn from each other
On the fringes of the Nordic World Ski Championships, the TirolBerg TV studio also discussed points of contact between top-class sport and business. The former ski jumper, Olympic champion and winner of the Four Hills Tournament Ernst Vettori located numerous parallels between the two areas: "In order to be successful, work is carried out in a goal- and performance-oriented manner both in top-class sport and in business. What key figures or turnover in the economy are, in top-class sport, the placings or medals. Apart from that, sport cannot exist today without the economy, and even major events such as the Nordic World Ski Championships are impossible to implement without the participation of the economy. "Managers can learn from successful athletes - and vice versa," continues Vettori. In particular, qualities such as determination, perseverance, self-confidence and the ability to work in a team distinguish top athletes and top managers alike.  

Johannes Haid can do this because he combines both areas in one person: the former professional basketball player is now a member of the board of Hypo Tirol Bank. For his management activities, he had taken a lot from his time as a top athlete with him: "Communication, motivation and performance orientation are key success factors, especially in team sports. These qualities are also of great importance as managers". 

During a VIP event of the Hypo Tirol Bank on Friday, the connection between sport and business was thematically deepened even further. Guido Scheiber, Chief Waxer of the ÖSV-Kombinierer, gave customers and partners of the Hypo Tirol Bank exclusive insights into the secrets of ski preparation. 

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