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Peter must be a Tyrolean

On the occasion of their visit to the TirolBerg TV studio, the representatives of the Tyrolean state government were completely satisfied with the way the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Seefeld 2019 had gone so far. Governor Günther Platter said that the mood and traffic situation were perfect and added with a wink in view of the fantastic weather conditions during the World Championships: "Peter must be a Tyrolean".

High attendance at the half time of the World Cup in the TirolBerg TV studio directly in front of the Medal Plaza. The Tyrolean government, which held its government meeting today in Seefeld, visited the communication centre of the Tirol Tourist Board in the late morning. Host Florian Phleps (Managing Director of Tirol Werbung) welcomed the guests and gave a positive interim assessment of the course of the World Championships and the mood in Seefeld and throughout the country. Phleps: "Together, all those responsible succeeded in creating a perfect setting to present the Nordic sports country Tyrol as well as the hospitality in the heart of the Alps of the world. “

Governor Günther Platter was pleased about the enthusiasm of the fans, organizers and volunteers. It would not have been possible to organise and carry out the World Cup so well without the work and commitment of all those involved. He was convinced that the World Cup would be valuable for the whole country due to the international reporting and that the Olympic region Seefeld would profit sustainably due to the infrastructural measures. But Platter also addressed his thanks to a higher authority with a wink of his eye: "Perfect conditions at all major sporting events from the Cycling World Championships to the Climbing World Championships to the Nordic World Championships - Peter must be a Tyrolean", joked a visibly good-humoured provincial governor.

The public and the World Cup: More than 60,000 users so far Ingrid Felipe highlighted the perfectly coordinated transport logistics around the Nordic Ski World Championships: "VVT, ÖBB and all participating transport companies have a large share in this 'car-free Seefeld 2019'. This leads to a deceleration of the pace in the town and thus significantly enhances the atmosphere at the World Cup. More than 60,000 public transport users have already used public transport within the framework of the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships for their journey to and from Seefeld," said Felipe with satisfaction. At the same time, however, Felipe emphasised that it was important for the Tyrolean state government to ensure affordable everyday mobility in the province of Tyrol, even outside such major events.