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Six gold medals shone in the TirolBerg TV studio despite competition-free day

n addition to the summit meeting of cross-country skiing legends Gunde Svan, Anette Boe and Hermann Weinbuch in the TirolBerg TV studio, jumper Daniela Iraschko-Stolz and Alois Stadlober looked forward to the next competitions at the Nordic World Championships in Seefeld.

For the first time at Nordic World Championships the women's ski jumping team competition will take place. One day before this premiere, two-time winner of the season Daniela Iraschko-Stolz visited the TirolBerg TV studio. After pneumonia, the former World Champion is not in the form she would have wished for at home. Daniela Iraschko-Stolz: "I'm not 100% fit yet, but I'm really looking forward to the team competition. It's an honour to be at the premiere. Especially at home, where friends and many fans will be cheering - we don't have that often. I'm always nervous, so it's no different here at the World Cup competitions!
Alois Stadlober dropped by at the TirolBerg TV studio with some good news: "Cross-country skier Teresa Stadlober can start in the 10 km classic race on Tuesday after having survived the cold. "She is healthy. Teresa fought. The skiathlon start on Saturday was a brutal rainfall, but today she finally beamed again", says Stadlober, "I don't expect too much for tomorrow - it's more of a trial and a sounding out. I'll be more excited on Saturday - as a commentator I'll be looking at the intermediate times more often than usual".

Six golden ones in the TirolBerg TV studio 
No fewer than six gold medals from the 1985 Nordic World Championships in Seefeld gathered in the TirolBerg TV studio on the competition-free day: Norway's cross-country skiing legend Anette Boe, Swedish cross-country skiing legend Gunde Svan and the DSV head coach of the German combination team Hermann Weinbuch. Each of these exceptional athletes won two gold medals in 1985. While Weinbuch is a regular guest in Seefeld in his capacity as coach, Gunde Svan's visit was a unique event. For the first time since the World Cup in 1985, the versatile Swede, who also celebrated success as a rally cross rider after his cross-country skiing career, returned to the scene of his first World Cup gold medals. The conclusion of the visit is clear: "After the day today, on these beautiful trails, I really wonder why I took more than 30 years to return to Tyrol. You have to experience it for yourself - the climate, the snow, the landscape - it is incredibly beautiful". Anette Boe, four-time medal winner at Seefeld 1985, is also convinced of the beauty of the host region. The Norwegian remained deeply attached to Seefeld after this unbelievable World Cup record and lives in Tyrol for several months every year. She works at the ski school as a cross-country ski instructor and - as she herself says - "fell in love with Seefeld". At least one of Hermann Weinbuch's wishes for the coming week spoke to his colleagues in the studio and probably also to the organisers in Seefeld: "If we can experience a true Nordic sports festival here in Seefeld, it's wonderful. The atmosphere is already very good, but if all the competitions take place on the plateau this week, there will certainly be more to it. And of course I would take one or two medals for my combiners with me!"

World Team Masters Seefeld - Sport for a good cause
Also on Monday without competition there was no break in the fight for victories and medals at the Nordic World Ski Championships Seefeld: At the invitation of the Olympic region Seefeld, the World Team Masters, a charity jumping event for deaf children, was on the programme. Also on the 20-metre jump: German TV comedian Oliver Pocher, society sports legend Hubertus von Hohenlohe, former Austrian ski stars Michaela Kirchgasser, Nici Hosp and Benni Raich or ski jumping legend "Eddie the Eagle". Florian Phleps, Managing Director of Tirol Werbung, already shone with a perfect jump in the first round - but was even more pleased about the perfect appearance of the Tirol as a sporting country within the framework of this Nordic World Championship: "These days, fantastic pictures from Tyrol are going around the world!