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Triumph of the Routiniers - Gruber and Iraschko-Stolz on the podium again

Today he has achieved what nobody - not even he himself - would have thought possible a few weeks ago: After the bronze medal in the team sprint in a heartbeat final, the combi-routine Bernhard Gruber has secured himself the vice world champion title in the normal hill competition. Gruber's preliminary World Championship balance in the TirolBerg TV studio was correspondingly emotional. Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, who just a few weeks ago had to keep her bed shut due to atypical pneumonia, was also beaming today with her medals from individual and team competitions.

Silver shone like gold today when a visibly touched Bernhard Gruber reviewed the day in the TirolBerg TV interview: "I can't even put into words how incredibly beautiful this placement is today". The mood of the 14,900 fans at the home World Championships really spurred him on and whipped him up the climb.  Besides the thousands of fans along the track, Gruber especially thanked his family and his team of coaches: "My coaches always believed in me and put me in a great position, so that today I was able to show off my best jumping and running performance. He had only just jumped on to the World Championships train, but never let up and started into the World Championships with fighting heart and passion. The fact that this resulted in silver was "simply border genial".

Gruber's wife Margret had been feverish with her husband right up to the end: "I can't believe what happened today. I'm always in a trance at these competitions". After the last, hard weeks this medal weighs more than all medals before: "The whole family clan suffered with him. All the more we are happy now".

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz's participation in the World Championships last week was also not under a good star. She probably wouldn't have thought it possible for her to win two medals after two competitions. Austria's most successful ski jumper doesn't want to make an assessment: "For me every medal is worth the same, because each has its own history. And I'm glad that I've already experienced so many beautiful stories - maybe one will be added." The highlight was undoubtedly the second jump in yesterday's competition: "I just jumped free. The jump itself was so casual, I simply enjoy ski jumping again! With regard to the mixed competition next weekend, Iraschko-Stolz revealed in an interview in the TirolBerg TV studio: "I'm in a good mood, I know what to do. I'm really looking forward to it!"