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Aparthotel Alpenldoge: Sigrid Pichler

Living in the Region Seefeld: How long have you already been living here or what brought you here? What makes the Region so special for you / your family

As someone born and bred in Seefeld and who then moved to Leutasch, I can honestly say that the quality of life here on the Seefeld plateau is second to none. The conditions are simply perfect for families and nature lovers. The scenery is breath-taking, the air is clear, the altitude is pleasant, the mountains are all around yet you still have the openness of the valley and it’s in the middle of the country-side but at the same time not far to the nearest towns. For my family and I, it’s one of the best locations in Tyrol.


Each of our partner-hotels for WSC-athletes in the area is unique: How would you describe the philosophy which brought you to this point and which distinguishes you from other hotels?

We have completely renovated and refurbished a 50-year old family property and have turned it into a very special and beautiful ‘Aparthotel‘. Contemporary, it’s both modern and Tyrolean in style, spacious and yet cosy. There is a fabulous sauna area with a roof terrace whirlpool for some personal pampering. We want our guests to be able to relax and enjoy their holiday in a pleasant atmosphere amid comfortable surroundings.


Are there any personal memories of the last FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1985 that you / your family could share with us? Did this event change or create new ambitions for Nordic ski sport?

The 1985 World Championship event was a fantastic experience for me. My whole family was involved and as a young school-girl, I had the honour of carrying the Austrian flag during the team procession.


What are you looking forward to while hosting the top WSC 2019 athletes in your hotel?

We are absolutely delighted that Seefeld, and the region, has this chance to host the 2019 World Championship event and we are looking forward to a terrific and exciting competition. Of course we have to admit that we will be cheering loudest for our ‘own‘ team …


 Do you have a vision or a personal wish for 2019?

We will have many different nationalities representing many different countries but they will all have the same interests at heart. Such events always showcase team spirit and togetherness and we hope that the World Championships in 2019 will remind us of that and that our region can continue on in the same vein.