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Living in the Olympiaregion Seefeld: How long have you already been living here or what brought you here? What makes the Olympiaregion so special for you / your family?

I am a so-called ”child of the Olympiaregion“ and spent my whole childhood in Seefeld. My family has lived in Leutasch since I was 16 years old. My wife Evelin is a home-grown “Leutasch-Lady”. I appreciate the fantastic high-quality standard of living here on the plateau, the nature and the central location. I am convinced that even if I had nothing to do with tourism, I would still only want to live here in the Olympiaregion.

Each of our partner-hotels for WSC-athletes in the area is unique: How would you describe the philosophy which brought you to this point and which distinguishes you from other hotels?

Honest and enduring hotel management is as important to us as the work with our domestic agriculture. Our promise “100 percent biological” is our cornerstone and is what makes us so “unique” in the region.

Are there any personal memories of the last FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1985 that you / your family could share with us? Did this event change or create new ambitions for Nordic ski sport?

I was only 8 years old when the last FIS Nordic World Ski Championships took place in 1985 but I still remember the enthusiasm in the whole area. Thanks to a school project, “WSC”, we all got to be in the stadium and were lucky enough to experience the competition up close. My personal attitude towards Nordic ski sport didn’t change particularly as a result, but I did find it quite emotional to think that the whole world was watching us.

What are you looking forward to while hosting the top WSC 2019 athletes in your hotel?

We are looking forward to sharing the thrills with ”our“ athletes and to being part of this fantastic event.

Do you have a vision or a personal wish for 2019?

I really hope that all the positive spirit and anticipation surrounding the WSC will continue long after this fantastic event and that the Olympiaregion Seefeld can enjoy some well-deserved recognition in the world of Nordic sports!

Leutascherhof - Tirol - Österreich, © Olympiaregion Seefeld

Leutascherhof - Tirol - Österreich

Biohotel Leutascherhof - Family - Tirol - Österreich, © Olympiaregion Seefeld

Biohotel Leutascherhof - Family - Tirol -...

Biohotel Leutascherhof - Wanderhotel - Tirol - Österreich, © Olympiaregion Seefeld

Biohotel Leutascherhof - Wanderhotel -...

Leutascherhof - Haus - Tirol - Österreich, © Olympiaregion Seefeld

Leutascherhof - Haus - Tirol - Österreich