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HOTEL HOCHEDER: Vanni & Sara Ceola, Alessia DeCarli

Leben in der Olympiaregion Seefeld: Wie lange leben Sie schon hier bzw. was hat Sie hierhergeführt? Was macht die Olympiaregion so besonders für Sie / Ihre Familie?

We as a family first visited Seefeld - which incidentally is a resort that is very well-known and admired by people around Lake Garda – 20 years ago, and we immediately fell in love with it and visited every year thereafter to enjoy the fantastic fresh air in summer and the romantic white snow in winter. It was during one of those visits that we decided to swap our home-life in Torbole by Lake Garda for the superb quality of life we now have in the mountains of  the Olympiaregion. For us it was quite clear that we wanted to somehow combine our business and private lives here and so in 2011 we decided to turn our dream into reality and became the proud owners of the Hotel Hocheder, a place we already knew from our kindergarten days when we used to come here to eat and where our  mother used to sit on the terrace in the sun. It’s not always an easy life, but with the support of our family and a lot of hard work, we manage!

Jeder unserer Partnerbetriebe in der Region ist einzigartig: Wie würden Sie Ihre Philosophie beschreiben, die Sie an den Punkt gebracht hat, wo Sie heute stehen und was Sie auszeichnet?

We can describe the philosophy of the Hotel Hocheder quite simply as ‘home from home‘. Our top priority is to make our guests feel warm and comfortable here and to give them the feeling that they are at home. We want everyone to feel they can recharge their batteries with us and that they can then go back relaxed and energised to face the daily grind. We are a family-run hotel and all of our trusted employees are on the same page when it comes to putting our ideas into practice. It is also important for us that our guests dine well and we like to give them a nice introduction to Tyrolean cuisine with plenty of carefully selected, top quality, fresh produce.

Was für persönliche Erinnerungen haben Sie / Ihre Familie an die Nordischen Skiweltmeisterschaften 1985? Haben sich Ihre Ambitionen zum nordischen Ski Sport dadurch verändert?

Unfortunately we weren’t even born in 1985 but one thing that we know from parents and friends is that that particular year is imprinted in people’s minds even today and that those who did experience it have lots of stories to tell about the event.

Worauf freuen Sie sich besonders bei den Spitzen Athleten, die 2019 während der WM in Ihrem Haus zu Gast sind?

We are sure that 2019 will be hugely important for us all and will hopefully give us lots of memories and stories to tell our grandchildren in the future. It is of course also a big year from the point of view of the resort infrastructure and for both local and international tourism. Our top priority ist to showcase Seefeld’s charm, something that those of us who live here or who regularly holiday here already know so well. We are proud to welcome new guests to our hotel and to introduce them to our high levels of service and cuisine while watching them fall in love with the Olympiaregion Seefeld, just as we did. We are looking forward to meeting all the people who will be around during this exciting time from holidaymakers and families to the athletes and their teams as well as the journalists and day-trippers. It is a great opportunity for us as hoteliers to be part of Seefeld’s growth and to see the name spread both nationally and internationally.

Gibt es eine Vision, einen persönlichen Wunsch für 2019?

We hope that the year leading up to the World Championship in 2019 will be positive and satisfying. It’s a great chance to get to know lots of people who can help us all rise to the occasion and inspire enthusiasm and motivation and we are sure that the whole experience will be enriching  professionally and personally. Actually, we don’t have any particular expectations or wishes for 2019. Our biggest wish was that Seefeld should be chosen as the host resort for the 2019 event and so we already have that. In our opinion - absolutely the best choice.