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Hotel Gourmet

Living in the Region Seefeld: How long have you already been living here or what brought you here? What makes the Region so special for you / your family?

I was born and grew up in the Region and for me the central location and the super infrastructure are what makes the region so special.


Each of our partner-hotels for WSC-athletes in the area is unique: How would you describe the philosophy which brought you to this point and which distinguishes you from other hotels



Are there any personal memories of the last FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1985 that you / your family could share with us? Did this event change or create new ambitions for Nordic ski sport?

I was at high school in 1985 and I remember our holidays were changed so that we could experience the whole thing live. Reinhard Fendrich sang at the opening ceremony and at the time I was a huge fan of Ernst Vettori and Andi Felder! Hermann Weinbuch (German national trainer) won a gold medal in the Nordic Combination and I got to know him then and we‘ve enjoyed a close and friendly working relationship ever since. The World Championships in 1985 turned me into a real fan of Nordic sports and my whole family love to watch the various disciplines on TV.


What are you looking forward to while hosting the top WSC 2019 athletes in your hotel?

I love it when athletes and their support teams put their trust in us and 2019 is sure to be something really special. I hope we can celebrate lots of medals – we have the Champagne chilling already!


Do you have a vision or a personal wish for 2019?

I hope that the whole region supports the event and that we have lots of visitors and spectators.