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HOTEL HABHOF: Hansi Sauter-Decristoforo

Living in the Olympiaregion Seefeld: How long have you already been living here or what brought you here? What makes the Olympiaregion so special for you / your family?

I’ve been living here since my birth and to be honest, I could not imagine any place I would rather live than in Mösern.

Each of our partner-hotels for WSC-athletes in the area is unique: How would you describe the philosophy which brought you to this point and which distinguishes you from other hotels?

We distinguish ourselves by not only calling ourselves a “family company” but really living it. Every single day – from early morning until late at night – somebody from the family is at any guest’s disposal as a contact person. Our philosophy is from check-in to check out, you are never alone!

Are there any personal memories of the last FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1985 that you / your family could share with us? Did this event change or create new ambitions for Nordic ski sport?

When the last FIS Nordic World Ski Championships took place in 1985, I was really too young to take everything in, with the exception of some athletes who played a decisive role in the competition, for example Gunde Svan (Cross-country, Sweden), Hermann Weinbuch (Nordic Combination, Germany) – currently trainer of the German Nordic Combination Team - or Anette Boe (Cross-country, Norway). To me, these athletes were the heroes of the WSC 1985.

What are you looking forward to while hosting the top WSC 2019 athletes in your hotel?

I am looking forward to welcoming not only “athletes” but “good friends”. The Japanese Nordic Combination Team has, for many years, chosen to stay in our hotel whenever possible. We have a good relationship all 365 days of the year, sharing private & everyday topics as well as a passion for Nordic sports, and much more besides.

Do you have a vision or a personal wish for 2019?

My very personal vision is the same as the motto “hand in hand” for the WSC 2019. This should be more than just a “sporting-event”, it should be a chance to unite nations and act as a symbol for “meeting friends and fans” who choose to appreciate Nordic sports in one of the most beautiful areas in Austria. It would be fantastic if both those with and those without any interest in the Nordic disciplines of cross-country, Nordic combination and ski-jumping could catch the “Nordic Lifestyle Fever” right here in the Olympiaregion Seefeld – and not only as spectators. Just dare to start your own career on a pair of cross-country skis. While it might be too late for most of us to have a career as a ski-jumper, I put my hope in all the children participating in competitions here on the plateau. Perhaps there is a new “eagle” already out there, who knows?

Hotel Habhof, © Olympiaregion Seefeld

Hotel Habhof

Hotel Habhof - House - Seefeld in Tirol, © Olympiaregion Seefeld

Hotel Habhof - House - Seefeld in Tirol

Hotel Habhof - Family- Seefeld in Tirol, © Olympiaregion Seefeld

Hotel Habhof - Family- Seefeld in Tirol

Hotel Habhof Seefeld in Tirol, © Olympiaregion Seefeld

Hotel Habhof Seefeld in Tirol