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‘HAND IN HAND’ – that is the motto of the Nordic sports hotspot of Seefeld which, together with the city of Innsbruck, is set to host the 2019 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. We’re also building ‘hand in hand’ here to ensure that Seefeld is a worthy World Championship venue and a worthy host to all its visitors.


An overview of the main construction projects


The starting shot was fired, so to speak, in 2016 when Seefeld was selected as world championship venue and the first diggers set to work on the plateau. The first job was to extend the cross-country skating tracks. The blue track, that is the skating route, was completed in the same year and cross-country enthusiasts were already able to test out its world-championship qualities during the winter season. The L36 road tunnel towards Mösern was also built in 2016. While motorists and pedestrians go through the tunnel, cross-country skiers can enjoy the comfort of skiing across the bridge.


Red cross-country ski route: Completion of the classic-style route in accordance with FIS regulations.

Ski jump and lift: An effortless ride to the top of the ski jump. A state-of-the-art lift that doesn’t require any additional staff enabling athletes to ride up to their lofty ‘place of work’ at the press of a button.

Central administration building, ski jumps:  Built not only for the 2019 World Championships, but for all future athletes and teams in Seefeld, in order to ensure the smooth running of all contests and events.


Renovation of the ‘WM Halle’ event centre: Originally built back in 1985, the event hall is currently undergoing renovation work to meet all the latest standards and safety regulations. The entrance hall, in particular, is being remodelled and the gym and fitness area are being totally renovated, as are the sanitary facilities in order to meet, in the long term, the requirements of an event centre accommodating up to 1,700 people. In 2018 the WM Halle will be the location of the press centre during the run-up to the World Championships.

Technical Centre, World Championship Arena: This is the infrastructural hub and the location of all the ski track and piste grooming equipment.   

Volunteer Centre, World Championship Arena: Management and coordination centre for all the voluntary helpers at the World Championships

Reservoir pond, Gschwandtkopf: Capacity of 110,000 m³ of water
This amount of water resources allows for the production of 60 litres of snow per second. By way of comparison 16 litres per second were previously possible. With no fewer than 29 snow guns and this snow-making technology, the Olympiaregion is undisputed world leader.

Medal Plaza, Seekirchl Church: Starting in autumn 2017, a lake 20 metres at its widest point will be created and landscaped around Seefeld’s landmark, the Seekirchl church. History is being ‘re-made’ and the monument – the ‘lake church’ - is regaining its original significance.

World Championship Railway Station, Seefeld: ‘The Gateway to the Olympiaregion’
Tyrol is a showcase region when it comes to rail travel and therefore, on the occasion of the upcoming 2019 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, the Austrian Railway (ÖBB) wants to  show its strength as a reliable and modern mobility partner here in Seefeld.


Floodlighting, ski jump: The spring of 2018 will see the completion of the final construction – the floodlighting – guaranteeing best-possible conditions for athletes and spectators and highest quality broadcast pictures.

‘Let yourself get swept away by World Championship fever and savour the unique flair of the Olympiaregion.’