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The Seekirchl church

Located at the western entrance to Seefeld, and visible from far away, the Seekirchl church is the town’s most famous landmark. Work on the octagonal, centralised Baroque structure began in 1628 and the church was consecrated in 1666.

Spiritual centrepiece in the Seekirchl church is the miraculous cross on the main altar to which the construction of the church is attributable. There are reports of two events from the period when the cross still stood out in the open, the first of which claims that a pilgrim, in a state of deep repentance, was absolved from her sins through clear words spoken by the cross in front of which she had prayed. The second event that led to the construction of the church was the occasion when Archduke Leopold V who, when passing the miraculous cross for the first time, was so moved by the sight of it, that he requested a priest be brought so he could confess his sins and he immediately pledged to erect a chapel in which to house the cross. He fulfilled this pledge by building the first Seekirchl chapel. The two events are depicted on the wall frescoes on the right and left hand sides.