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(E-)Mountain bike code of behaviour

  1. Check your speed!
    We always drive at a controlled speed and attentively! Even in the course area, but especially on routes outside the Bikepark Seefeld, unexpected obstacles are to be expected at any time, e.g. people, road damage, stones, branches, wood, fences, etc.
  2. Be respectful and considerate!
    We show respect for pedestrians, track workers and hikers! We overtake at walking pace and make way in narrow places. A friendly greeting and a "thank you" contribute to mutual respect and understanding.
  3. Pay attention to grazing animals!
    We pay attention to pasture fences and pass animals slowly and carefully.
  4. Respect nature!
    We respect nature and do not leave the marked paths and trails. We avoid entering and driving on meadows or pastures without a trail.
  5. Do not leave any traces!
    No blocked rear wheels and drift turns, otherwise we will damage the paths and trails. No bypasses on difficult passages or cut-offs on hairpin bends!
  6. Dispose of rubbish!
    We don't leave trash behind, never! Nature allows our existence, we are its guest.