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Arnspitzrunde / Route AR

Arnspitzrunde / Route AR

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Starting point: Information office Leutasch
Finishing point: Information office Leutasch
Ascent377 m
Highest point1,220 m
Route distance33.1 km
Level of difficulty
Driving time03:30 hh:mm

Elevation profile


At the Leutasch information office, head northwest and turn right before the bridge. Follow the Achweg along the turquoise-blue river Leutascher Ache until you reach the Burggraben. On the way you pass the climbing garden Flämenwandl, the campsite Tirol.Camp and the inn Gasthof Zur Brücke. At the inn, turn right onto the country road and follow it across the border in the direction of Mittenwald until you reach the bridge at the end of the high valley. Stay on this connecting road to reach Mittenwald after a fast, winding exit. At the bottom of Mittenwald take the road to the right through the village until you cross the Isar bridge at the end of the village and reach the sports facilities in Ried. Continue through the Riedboden nature reserve at its end, shortly before Scharnitz, which has to be crossed again. Now crossing Scharnitz always southwest in the direction of the sports field and Gießenbach. In Gießenbach at the junction, turn right towards the archery range and continue on the Leutasch-Seefeld hiking and cycling trail. Upon arrival at the country road which leads to Leutasch turn right and follow it for a short distance and then turn left and cycle through the "Bauernwald" to Leutasch Unterkelle. From here head northwest via Neuleutasch back to the starting point at the Leutasch information office.


Infobüro Seefeld